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Finna Group
Moisture Register and Aqua Measure are now Finna Group.
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Finna Group (formerly Moisture Register Products ™) moisture analyzers are designed to measure and control moisture content in virtually any product or material. Systems include online moisture sensing, laboratory moisture analyzers, and portable handheld moisture meters. These instruments are designed for both general and specific applications. Our non-contact IR, nondestructive RF, and probe-type moisture meters help manufacturers, purchasing agents, and engineers achieve higher productivity, improved cost efficiency, and greater profitability by accurately measuring moisture in industries such as food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, timber, converting, mining, aggregate, energy, plastics, recycling, and building, just to name a few.

Finna Group's innovative moisture meters are ruggedly built and operate well in harsh manufacturing conditions. We use the latest near infrared (NIR), radio frequency (RF), and microwave technologies to produce accurate moisture readings from all of our moisture analyzers, including online process, laboratory, and handheld moisture measurement and control devices. Moisture Finna Group (formerly Moisture Register Products a division of Aqua Measure Instrument Co.,) offers moisture analysis solutions for a wide variety of materials and products, including many powder and bulk solids, almonds and other nuts, dried fruit, pet food, plywood, minerals, crushed coal, recycled paper, plastics, cosmetics, food products, and many other organic or carbon-based materials.

  On-Line Real-Time
Moisture Meters

Ruggedly designed and reliability built Finna Group instruments meet the increasingly stringent quality controls required in today’s competitive manufacturing environments.
Portable, Handheld
Moisture Meters

Finna Group’ portable, handheld moisture meters are easy to operate, and application-specific for on-the-spot moisture measuring.
Coat Weight

Converters measure and control coat weight during the coating process for material savings and scrap reduction. Our moisture analyzers digital readout shows results in various measurement units.
  Laboratory Moisture Analyzers
Fast, precise, and reliable Finna Group moisture meters provide precise data that can be stored, printed, or output to spreadsheets for quality control and production optimization.
Why Moisture Meters Matter
Most natural products contain moisture, and water content can affect production, cost, and/or quality. Measuring moisture helps manufacturers control the value of its output
Calibration &

Finna Group moisture meters are robust and reliable. For a reasonable fee your instrument can be restored and recalibrated to become almost like new. Please contact us to learn more.

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Touch Screen Moisture
Obtain continuous, instantaneous, non-destructive measurement readouts.

Painters Moisture Meter
Pocket size, rugged meter designed to provide fast and accurate LED
moisture read-outs for Lumber, Dry Wall, Wall Plaster.

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PharmaceuticalsCosmetics Radome Moisture Crushed Coal

Paper: Coating, Printing, Production, Converting, Coat Weight Analyzing

Chemicals and Minerals: Soaps, Ores, Crumb Rubber, Fertilizers, Ceramics, Plastic Pellets & Chips, Detergents, PVC Powders, Fibers,Salts, Pharmaceuticals, Resins, + More

Food Processing: Dried Fruits, Flour, Cereals, Animal Feeds, Spent Grain, Distillers Grain, Sugar, Sugar Substitutes, Candy & Confectionery Products, Chocolate & Cocoa Powders, Coffee, Bread Crumbs, Bread & Bakery Products, Cookies, Crackers, Potato Chips, Grains, Starches, Soy Beans, Corn Meals, Milk Powders, Nut Processing, Salts, + More

Wood & Building Products: Wood Flour, Hog Fuel, Chips, Sawdust, Drywall-Gypsum, Cut Lumber, Particle Board, Oriented Strand Board, Wood Veneer, Medium Density Fiberboard, Hardboard, Wallboard, Plywood, Ceiling Tiles, Carpet, Ceramic Tiles, Cement Blocks, + More

Tobacco Products: Reconstituted, Cut, Stems, Lamina Strips, Whole Leaf, Chewing Tobacco, + More

Textiles: Sheeting, Linens, Cones, Bolts, Stacks, Dye line moistures

Moisture Register Products
A Division of Aqua Measure Instrument Company
9567 Arrow Route Suite #E, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
PH: 1-800-966-4788 or 1-909-941-7776FAX: 1-909-941-6444
EMAIL: sales@aquameasure.com

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